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Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
healthcare insurance programs have also played an important cyclical role since the financial crisis with a fourfold increase in volume from 2008 to 2011. according to mark sandy -- mark zandi, without the f.h.a.'s at cyclical part, the housing market would have taken the economy with it. all with providing the backstop. the losses at f.h.a. stem from the now prohibited -- down payment program. heavy losses in the reverse mortgage program and losses and loans made at the height of the crisis to prevent -- of the housing market. while hud has taken some action to prevent the mutual mortgage insurance fund for single family loans from taking federal funds, the f.y. 2012 report suggests that much more needs to be done to prevent such a draw. i want to hear more today about the administration's actions and proposals to manage the risks to taxpayers stemming from -- of business and what safeguards will ensure the quality and sustainability of the new books going forward. the administration's actions and proposals will not be sufficient to restore f.h.a.'s fiscal health. then i plan to wor
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
focuses on empowering people and not bureaucracies. people should be able to buy a healthcare plan that fits their needs and their budgets from any insurance company in america that is willing to sell it to them. issue be able to do it with tax- free money, just like their employers by it now. [applause] we should also expand the number of community health centers and the best way to integrate them with emergency rims to try to get non-life-threatening walk- ins. these are a few of the things we can do at the federal level to create the conditions for middle-class job creators and stabilizing growth and the cost of living. no matter many middle-class jobs are created, we cannot growth the middle class if people do not have the skills to get hired for these jobs. not so long ago, even if you do not graduate from high school, if you are willing to work you are able to find a job that paid enough for a home and eventually send your kids off to college for a better life. that those days are long gone. they're probably not coming back. today education plays a central role in the 21st ce
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
healthcare act may help to provide some medical services but this is tragic if we have not found a way to accommodate an adult who may still become a functioning member in society. i have often noticed that parents of highly educated people come forward and speak up for down syndrome, middle class parents. why is that? is there a difference in who recognize s is there a difference in who gets it, an eth nick difference oh or class difference in who gets or recommend nices this disease or condition or sit an across the board condition? >> it's an across the board condition. there are issues again because it's not always diagnosed. those who have greater access to higher medical care since it's a medical diagnosis that's made tend to have the diagnosis made more frequently. so those with barriers to access are less likely to have -- >> what is the minimum age we should be looking to to see whether autism is perhaps there. >> there is now a checklist approach used right around one year of age and the hope to make the diagnosis at that age and hopefully younger. the younger we can make
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
additional surtax. it was a way to pay for parts of the healthcare law. they will see the top rates a bump of 3.8% come january 1. that seems unlikely to be changed as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. you'll still see that surtax on top of that. host: this from twitter. guest: i leave that as it is. host: is that how much it could go up? guest: yes. host: currently it is 35%. go ahead, mark. caller: the previous caller mentioned capital gains -- the recent point about the medicare surcharge to pay for the affordable care act. ifthoughit cld be a solution to kill botof those birds with one stone. gut: i'm noa health-care expert. host: no probl. we have this from twitter. guest: i believe that is the case. tom in california, go ahead. caller: i have several issues with the estate tax. i am a farmer if it comes back to the normal 1 million exemptions. we work together to build this estate it wasn't just my parents but it is in my parents' name. i have to pay tax to something i have contributed to. host: help people understand fas estate tax? how is it your estate is worth more th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)